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1) Outdoor Snowboard Lessons of snow season 2023-2024 info:

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2) Indoor snowboard lessons in Guangzhou Hot Snow Miracle Bonski (Sunac Snow World) info:

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3) CASI Lv1 Prep-Course (Guangzhou Bonski) info:

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3RIDE snowboarding coaching services include off-site outdoor courses, pre-season classes, indoor regular classes at Guangzhou and many other snow activities. We offer a variety of snowboarding activities aimed at helping students refresh and improve their skills. We provide diverse location-based lesson, including Japan, South Korea, Xinjiang, and Guangzhou, allowing you to enjoy snowboarding in different places.

All our professional coaching team members hold international coaching certifications. They will provide personalized guidance and suggestions based on each student's level and needs. We can also lead students to explore exciting challenges, from on-piste slopes to off-piste areas, including park jumps and various features, allowing them to experience the joy of snowboarding in different terrains and conditions.

Join our snowboarding activities and explore a wide range of exciting snowboarding locations with us. Enjoy the limitless fun of snowboarding!


- Japan : Nagano, Hakuba, Yuzawa & Hokkaido
- China : Xinjiang, Guangzhou Hot Snow Miracle (Sunac Snow World) Bonski - world 2nd largest indoor ski-resort
- Other location : Please check our news or contact us for inquiry

Teaching content

A) Basic Level:
- Beginner Lesson (start from 0)
- Snowboard Riding Theory
- Fundamental Riding Skill Improvement (edge change, S-turn)

B) Advance Technique:
- Advance Riding Skill Improvement (Steep Slope Riding Skill, Board Pressure Control, Angulation and rotation skills etc)
- Carving (both Forward stance and Duck stance carving)
- Ground Tricks
- Basic Park skill (kicker/Rail/Box)
- Off-piste riding skill

Medium of Instruction

- Cantonese, Mandarin and English

Coach Qualification

K Chan Carving Snowboard


- Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI), Level 2
- Japan SnowBoarding Association (JSBA), Level 1
- With over 3 years of teaching experience, helped several students prepare for and pass the CASI Level 1 instructor exam.
- Primary Locations: Guangzhou Hot Snow Miracle (Sunac Snow World) Bonski and Japan

灰太羊 Carving Snowboard

灰太羊 Hevin

- Japan SAJ Level 1 Certification
- Chinese National Snowboard Instructor
- With over 4 years of teaching experience
- Primary Locations: Guangzhou Hot Snow Miracle (Sunac Snow World) Bonski; Xinjiang : Jiangjun Mountain Ski Resort, Keketuohai, Hemu
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3Ride Snowboarding Trip Video

Snowboard Trip

Coach Demo

Snowboard Demo
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1. Please go to Contact Us for an appointment to inquire
2. Consult and confirm the registration date
3. Pay the full amount after receiving the date confirmation
4. Once you receive our registration confirmation message, the registration is successful

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Rescheduling, transfer and cancellation terms

Note: The terms of Sunac indoor classes and outdoor snowboarding classes are different. For details, please refer to the relevant pages / contact us for enquiries.

Terms and Conditions

1. The fee only includes the student’s course fee, and does not include any other personal expense, such as ski passes, accommodation and transportation, etc.
2. Please make an appointment at least one day in advance to register. For example, if you want to attend class tomorrow, you must make it before 9 pm today. Reservations are invalid on the first day of class.
3. All course content is based on class hours. If you want to take classes continuously, you can contact us to provide course suggestions. At that time, we will establish the course content according to the actual situation of the students, make the course content more continuous, and provide certain discounts.
4. The course schedule of the above courses will not be changed unless there are special circumstances. If the course needs to be modified due to emergencies or special reasons , participants will be notified as soon as possible
5. If the class cannot be held due to special reasons or force majeure, please communicate with me in advance to confirm
6. 3Ride(HK) has the final right to interpret all the above course contents

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