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3Ride Snowboard Lesson

3RIDE Snowboard Coaching Service officially started!

05 Oct, 2023
Wakeboard Preview

3Ride - 3 Boats , 2023 Ultimate Fleet - Nautique G23 available now

07 Jun, 2023
Malibu 23MXZ

Malibu 23MXZ Wake-boat joined our fleet!

30 Nov, 2022

News Summary

3Ride Snowboard Lesson
We are excited to announce the official launch of our snowboarding coaching services ! 🏂🏼❄️🏔️☃️

📔 We are starting off with outdoor off-site courses and pre-season classes, aimed at helping students refresh and enhance their snowboarding skills. We offer diverse location-based instruction, including Japan 🇯🇵, South Korea 🇰🇷, Xinjiang 🇨🇳, and Guangzhou, allowing you to experience the joy of snowboarding in different places.

We can guide students to explore thrilling challenges, from on-piste slopes to off-piste areas, park jumps, and various features, providing the opportunity to experience the fun of snowboarding in different terrains and conditions. 🙇 Our professional coaching team is internationally certified (CASI from Canada 🇨🇦, SAJ from Japan 🇯🇵, and China National Professional Qualification), and they will provide individualized instruction and advice based on the students' level and needs, helping them progressively improve their skills and confidence.

Join our off-site courses or pre-season preparation classes and explore various exciting snowboarding locations with us, while enjoying unlimited snowboarding fun! 🤹🤹

💡 1) Guangzhou Pre-Season Snowboard Class:
We will be offering three intensive classes on October 14, 20, and 21, aimed at quickly regaining your snowboarding skills and preparing for the season ahead!

Click here for lesson info

💡 2) Off-Site Course Locations and Fees:
We will start off-site courses in Xinjiang in mid-November 2023, and our coaches will also travel to Japan, South Korea, and Xinjiang. For more details, please check the information on the following webpage for the off-site courses.

Click here for more info

Feel free to contact us via the following channels for registration or inquiries:
Whatsapp: 64144257
IG: @3ridehk
Wechat: hk3ride

Snowboard Info

05 Oct, 2023
Wakeboard Preview

In 2023, 3Ride has added the strongest wake-boats for wake-sport, the Nautique G23 and the Malibu 23MXZ, to form the strongest trio fleet for wakesurfing and wakeboarding, providing three models of wake-boat to meet the needs of beginner to advanced wakeboarding players!
🚤Expanded new fleets from novice to top-notch boat models🌟
New price with high quality-price ratio!🌟🍭 Ride with us this summer, our 3Ride family waits for you!😜🤙
🚤Malibu 23MXZ
🚤Nautique G23
🚤Axis A22

Wakesurf/Wakeboard Details

07 Jun, 2023
Malibu 23MXZ

Malibu 23MXZ is officially at your service!
Malibu MXZ acts the utimate series of Malibu Wake-boat, 23MXZ can provide pro-level wakes and waves behind the boat and next-level luxury inside
Book your session now to try the huge wake with us!

Wakesurf/Wakeboard Details

30 Nov, 2022
3Ride 2022 New Year Event Poster

Thank you everyone for participating "Lunar New Year Triple Gift Event", each winner will receive a 1-hour 3Ride wakesurf coupon

The winner list is generated after random lucky draw, we are happy to announce the result as shown below:
1. roo_yc
2. berlingwong
3. catllai

We will use Instagram direct message to contact the above winners.
Last but not least, We wish you a happy Lantern Festival, be warm and safe with your beloved ones
>> Event Details

15 Feb, 2022
3Ride Winter Wakesurf Discount

From 1Nov 2021, the winter discount will be applied on all wakesurf session.
We also provide Rip curl 3-4mm surf specific wetsuit to keep you warm
Lets ride through the winter!

Wakesurf/Wakeboard Details

31 Oct, 2021
3Ride Logo

With immediate effect, 3Ride Wakeboard Coach Kenny Wong is resigned and no longer represent 3Ride.
3Ride will operate as usual, all service and activities will take place without any impact.
We also recommend you to contact us to reconfirm your booking.

Should you have any inquiries, please contact us on 64144257 via telephone or whatsapp.

18 Oct, 2021
Axis A22 Boat Preview

3Ride cooperated with Axis/Malibu to shoot the boat production process.
Starting from the United States to Hong Kong, we are going to showing you the story of 3Ride Axis A22 and introducing our new boat to everyone. Hope you like our story

3Ride is officially launched!!
Come and Ride with us now!

Wakesurf/Wakeboard Details

9 Jul, 2021
3Ride Sport Towel

Giveaway! To thanks the support from our friends and customers, we are giving "3Ride Speed Dry Sport Towel" (31cm×75cm) for all rider who booked 3Ride Wakesurf/Wakeboard sessions!

Each person can receive one towel only.
This offer ends when it's out of stock.
If you want it, book 3Ride now!

Wakesurf/Wakeboard Details

22 Jun, 2021
3Ride Early Bird Discount

To celebrate 3Ride opening,
HKD100 discount is offered for all July Wakesurf/Wakeboard booking!
It is applicable for both holiday or weekdays.

Let's enjoy 3Ride new boat with your friends!

Wakesurf/Wakeboard Details

6 Jun, 2021
Axis A22 Boat Preview

Our brand new Axis A22 (2021) professional wake-boat has arrived Hong Kong!
Now we are doing some final boat tuning work for better wake and performance.
See you this June!

17 May, 2021